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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lost and Found

In a quasi-hidden pocket of my green roller, I have found the wooden knife I bought in Montpellier, Vermont in September. I was there with Sarah on our way to Montreal. This forgotten knife went, in my roller, to Paris, Geneva, London, Dresden, Lyon and Milano. Now it is finally home in Lasne. Its beautiful, smooth, sensual, sharp. I do not know what to use it for. For the moment I will just look at it.
As you can see I have travelled across Europe these past few weeks. I have brought back small things from each place: a Christmas tree decoration from Montreal, a book from Paris, a special hairdryer from Geneva, a Penhaligon's Violetta perfume from London, a tiny Meissen porcelain box from Dresden, ripe persimmons from Milano.
In Lasne you can buy handmade fresh chocolate from La Cabosse d'Or and delicious apple cakes from Michel in the little square in Ohain.


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