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Friday, November 11, 2005

Two number 13 and GPS

The confusion continues and it will take time to solve.

I live in a circular street. You come into it from the main road, drive around and you go out where you came in. Easy and simple. The problem is that if you turn left you come to my house and the street has a name, if you turn right the street has an other name. So you go from one name to the other circling around. Of course you have the same numbers on the houses. Two number one, two number two and so on. I live at number 13. The street names are poorly marked in places where you do not look. Most people, including Herman and I the first time, turn right at the circle so they drive in the wrong direction. They arrive at number 13 and stop, thinking they are at our house. Wrong! Delivery trucks, repairmen, friends and family all ring the bell of the wrong house and mostly they do not find anybody.

That number 13 belongs to a hard working family and during the day they are not at home. We have met them to get envelopes and packages that belong to us. They have also met half of the family and friends that came in June to our party and arrived at the wrong house with flowers and wine bottles.

Yesterday we went to the "la mairie" of Lasne, in Ohain, to ask if they could come and check the situation. They said they would, but it might take up to a year to fix it. The city buys street signs once a year.

We also hope more and more people will get cars with a GPS.


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