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Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Secret Bird

I have to say I am quite disappointed about my garden in relation to the variety of birds that come here. In the summer I see some black birds and pigeons. Last winter, when I did set the bird feeder I saw finches. I am not sure if this is all there is in Lasne or it is my garden that is not properly planted to attract something more glamorous.

I do not expect migratory birds that need water but it would be nice to see something more exciting. I also do not recognise birds by listening, I need to improve there.

That said, there is one bird that comes in my front garden and I can glimpse sometime: my secret green woodpecker. You have to have good eyes to see him. Perfectly blending in the green grass, I only see him when he fly away scared by my passing shadow in the window. I wonder if he has a mate. He is always alone.

When I see him I smile and it makes my day happier.

Photo by Dave Appleton


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