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Monday, November 14, 2005

Rhapsody in Brown

Yesterday Herman and I went to see Guido and Annemie's new apartment in Gent. The building is not finished yet. Maybe it will be done by next summer. But it is interesting to see the area. They are the first of a long line of baby boomers who will migrate back to the city centre in the next ten years. They will sell the big house in the country side and move into the city. All the cities will be redone in the next ten years to make room for them. As long as they work and drive there is no reason to move but sooner or later it will happen. It is the fall season of life.

The fall season is here in all its majesty. I love it. Its all brown. The trees go from yellow to red to rust to brown. In the forest, next to my house, the ground is covered by brown leaves from the maple trees. The ferns cover is also brown. The upturned ground in the fields, the dried corn stalks, the sugar beets hills on the side of the road, all in beautiful shades of brown.

Driving through Lasne you can see the king of birds standing, walking and running, never flying. I enjoy pheasants. The most elegant of browns, shining in the sun in pretty contrast with the dark green feathers and white collar. If I am alone on the road I stop the car and look at them. What a lovely sight.

Yesterday I went to Gent all dressed up in brown. I like to wear mono-colour outfits. Brown is the one I like the best. Light brown top from Globus, dark brown pants from Bon Genie, the darkest shade of brown suede moccasin from Bea Novelli, dark brown suede bag from Longchamp (this is second time I buy the same bag, once in Geneva and now in Brussels) , Nina Ricci marron glassé suede jacket (I think from Frankfurt airport five years ago), a light woolen shawl from Kashmir (a Chistmas present from Jenny) in many tones of brown and tiny reflecting crystals. The finishing touch was the long necklace in thousands of multi-coloured glass beads in all shades of brown Sarah gave me last Christmas. It takes years to reach such perfection. Fashion is not for me.


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