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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

If this is Christmas

This year, as nearly every year, we had dinner at our house the evening of the 24th. Christelle arrived on Friday afternoon from Ronse. Sacha with Sharon and baby Jolijn came around four in the afternoon on Saturday, and then Stavros, Jenny, Alexandros and Irini arrived around five from Bloemendaal, bringing the wine for the cellar and the dinner. Haut-Medoc Chateau Ramage La Batisse 1997 and Muscat de Baumes de Venise. So the house was quite full with parents and kids. All the presents we bought were already under the Christmas tree then all the others put also their presents there and the piano room was full of packages. Guido, Annemie, Stefan, Bart and Tom arrived around six and last Filiep and Guy around seven. With Herman, Nona and I we were 17 for dinner, excluding six months old baby Jolijn.

Sharon decided that baby Jolijn was sick. Sacha looked on internet for an open pharmacy in the area and went looking for medicines. Tom decided to go to sleep from 6 to 7 in Sarah’s room. He was pale and cold not feeling well at all. Philiep and I had a bad cold.

Because everybody was a bit early we started to drink beers, white wine and colas but at 7:30 sharp champagne for everybody and opening of the presents. We said no presents this year but somehow everybody got something from somebody. After a couple of glass of champagne everybody was feeling better and the baby soundly sleeping

Dinner was on time at 8:00 sharp. Every year is the same menu. No surprises and everybody like it. Salmon and foie gras to start then lobster soup. This I buy already made so it is simple. I cook the main course. Beef Wellington, green beans and creamed potatoes. This year the potatoes were not cooked enough, still a bit raw. Then cheese and Christmas cakes with coffee. By midnight it was finished. Annemie drove all her men back home. I was told the next day that Tom got sick on the way home. Filiep and Guy left a bit later. Everybody else stayed for the night.

For breakfast on the 25th we were Herman I and Nona; Stavros, Jenny, Alexandros and Irini: Christelle, Sacha, Sharon and baby Jolijn. I am glad that all the bedrooms are ready; the house is fully functional now.

We had good fun and even if some of us were a bit sick it was nice to be all together. We all missed Sarah terribly. We also missed Laurent, Gilles and Christiane. Maybe next year we will all together.


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