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Thursday, December 08, 2005

One more year

December 4 is my birthday. I am always looking forward to my birthday. One more year gone by and one to come. More than all the presents I receive the biggest surprise I look forward is the year to come. Full of expectations and thing to do. I have a long list of TO DO things. Books I want to read, people I need to visit or ask to come to visit us. Trips to take, lots of dreams and projects.

This year my birthday was in the weekend. It makes things easy for everybody.

Last year we went to “Comme Chez Soi”. This year we celebrated with a good dinner at “Villa Lorraine”. A very chic restaurant in Brussels. Herman, Nona and I well dressed were welcomed by the parking man. Arlette, the lady at the wardrobe, took our coats. And then we were allowed to enter the restaurant. It is a very formal and grand place, with large tables, comfortable chairs, and lots of lights, crystals and silver. Lots and lots of waiters of different grades and uniforms floating around. The dinner was delicious and the wine, a Meursault 1999, even more. The service was perfect, not too fast not too slow.

Herman bought me my very first digital camera. I know, I am one of the last to convert. It is a beautiful Nikon Coolpik S1, slim silver colored and perfect for my purse. I still have to get used to it and take a few shots. I look forward to use it. Nona gave my two huge books on Leonardo da Vinci one with his paintings and one with his drawings. Very nice books. I am very happy.

I received phone calls all day Sunday. First of all was Sarah, from California, then Bert and Peter from Den Haag, my cousin Dedi and Countess Gallina from Milano. Emails from Danilo, London, and Simone, Brussels. SMS from Filiep, Guy and from Annemie. A birthday card from Christelle.

So many ways to wish Happy Birthday. Thanks to you all.


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