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Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Long Tail

Looking up from the tip of the Long Tail.

I started this blog after reading, by chance, all the blogs' entries about the Web2.0 Conference in San Francisco, last year. Only then I realized that blogs were the big thing of today. I thought I was OK with email, MSN and Skype but then I understood that I must have a blog to understand all the new developments on Internet for people like me. I called myself LCD “Lowest Common Denominator” of Internet users. If I can do it then all those people out there who are trying to reach me have done it right.

So after reading and researching I now understand: Web2.0, Tags, Creative Commons, Flickr, Mashup, Feedburner, RSS, Adsense and many other new words that were totally unknown only three months ago.

I feel empowered and up-to-date. I can read all the blogs about blogs from “Les Blogs” in Paris. I might even go to the 2006 Web2.0 Conference in SF and have a look around.

I have a stand in Technorati of 1,059,666. I do not know how many blogs are tracked by this site but I feel deep inside that I am the last of the ”Long Tail” and that Chris Anderson and David Hornik would be very proud of me.


At 5:06 AM, Blogger davidhornik said...

I am definitely proud of you. There is no shame in the tail :)


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