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Friday, February 10, 2006

Cosi Fan Tutte

Am I the only person in the world indifferent to this opera of Mozart? I went to La Monnaie last week to see Cosi Fan Tutte with Bert. The evening was very enjoyable but if I have to rank the reasons here they are: the company, the food, the scenography (sets and costumes) and last the music and the singers.

The company: I met Bert as usual at the Cafe de L’Opera in front of the opera house. This time I invited Miriam and her husband to join us for filet American, fries, beer and espresso. Miriam and I are members of the Women International Club of Brussels . We have by chance the same opera abonnement so we meet at every performance. We talked for two hours and the time went flying. They are very charming people.

The scenography of the opera was very original. It was set in a greenhouse. The lights marking the day and night gave a real feeling of the time passing and the evolution of the story. The performers would open, close and even break the windows during the performance. This gave also a new feeling to an opera that is very static.

I appreciated the singers slightly less than usual. I do not think they were miscasted but just that the opera is a bit boring. Maybe because I saw it for the first time and I was concentrating on the story. Maybe next time I will concentrate more on the music and the voices.

Anyway I think the real problem is that with the 200 year anniversary of Mozart we have been subjected to a very heavy dose of him, I feel a little tired and bored.

I am ready for an other genius’ birthday.


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