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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cyprus Cypress

At the moment Sarah is attending Cypress College. It is located in sunny Orange County California. Set in an urban location, La Palma, this campus looks like a sea-side resort with very modern buildings, lakes and lots of palm trees. I really liked it when I was there last week. Surrounded by large boulevards and one family houses it represents a very nice example of Southern California architecture. Sarah should be there for a few months.

At the moment Bart is in the island of Cyprus in the Southern part of the Mediterranean. He is there with a couple school-mates for a university project.
We can follow his progress via his blog and web site. Bart should be there for a few months

It is quite strange to have two young ones in our family far away from home in places that are so alike in name. Many of us were looking in the wrong web sites to see information about Cypress or Cyprus but we are getting used.

That is because they are Homophones – words that are pronounced the same (and may or may not be spelt the same), but differ in meaning, such as waste and waist. They are together one of the official pair in the list of English homophones (words with different spellings and meanings but the same pronunciation) in the word list created by Roger Mitton from the Advanced Learners' Dictionary of Current English.


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