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Monday, March 20, 2006

Netizen – New Blog Paper Magazine

I have just received by mail the first number of the new Netizen, a monthly blog magazine in French. I think it is a real good idea to publish such a magazine, especially for bloggers of my generation. I am still used to read on paper most of the sources I need. I read Le Soir every day, the Herald Tribune a couple of days a week, the Economist every week. I do not read my news online unless something is very urgent such as a major disaster or a war where the paper will be too late. And because it is a monthly magazine it can better look at the blogosphere without rush.

So for all these reasons I think a blog magazine is a very good idea.

The Director of the magazine is Frédéric FRANCOIS and the Editor is Cyril Fiévet.

Good luck to them.


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