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Monday, April 03, 2006

Nonna and I are upset with CODITEL

Last Tuesday Nonna called in panic to say that the RAI has disappeared suddenly from her TV together with a lot of other foreign stations. It looks like the TV operator for Brussels, CODITEL, daughter company of Altice, has sent a note, to all the 150000 subscribers to tell that as off 28 March several TV stations were going digital and taken off the analog mode. Whatever that means.

Impossible to contact CODITEL. You can stay hours on the phone but they do not answer. The administration of the Residence du Golf, where Nonna lives, has sent an email to request a connection for her but it looks like there are not enough boxes and people to install digital connections. We are in the middle of the Italian election campaign and all the good debates between Belusconi and Prodi.

Following the newspaper article in Le Soir, CODITEL has received 15.000 requests for a digital connection.

I watch RAI very seldom but because I live in Brabant Wallon I can still see it because I have a different TV distributor. CODITEL covers only Brussels. I guess the Belgian fragmentation can be useful sometime.


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